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What is Lycos Retriever?

Lycos Retriever is a unique new service from Lycos. Retriever is an information fusion engine, bringing together information from across the Web into a concise, easy-to-read summary.

Retriever Topic pages include meaty extracts from high-quality Web pages which give you basic information and let you know where to go for more. Each Topic page focuses not on a word, but an idea. It also gives you helpful links to pages that tell you more about specific aspects of the basic idea.

Retriever evaluates both the quality and the freshness of the information it’s reporting. What it returns to the user is a briefing book, with perspectives from all over the Web, not a dry encyclopedia article or one person’s opinion on a subject.

How it works

Lycos has a long tradition of understanding what users want to know. Our Lycos 50 page is the leading place on the Web to find the latest trends. Retriever takes this much further, finding not the top 50, but thousands of top queries that users ask.

Based on that list, it takes the time to perform a deep analysis of what the Web has to say about it. Unlike a search engine, which just pulls up links to a handful of sites, and requires the user to search through them for useful content, Retriever actually analyzes the content of hundreds of Web pages in detail to put together a topic page. It makes sure to stay on topic and not repeat itself, so you won’t be seeing the same thing over and over.

Using advanced Natural Language Processing technology, Retriever’s analysis can tell the difference between a page that just mentions a word, and a page that is actually about it. And within that page, it can find the most informative paragraph.

Finally, Retriever organizes the topics it’s assembled into a directory, which you can browse for more information.

All of this is done fully automatically. Of course, like any automatic process, it’s not perfect. Sometimes the paragraphs we choose will be off-topic or inappropriate, which is why we give you the ability to tell us how you like them. Your feedback helps Lycos Retriever learn to do better.


Retriever is a unique new product, and we’re happy to hear about your experience with it. Write us using the feedback form on its topic pages.

Happy browsing!

The Lycos Retriever Team

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