Fantastic Plastic Machine “Sound Concierge” #501 and Annex

Fantastic Plastic Machine “Sound Concierge” #501 and Annex

A third series of mix CDs by Tanaka Tomoyuki aka
Fantastic Plastic Machine has been announced. This time, one of the two CDs seems to be completely devoted to FPM remixes, including ones for Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), Dragon Ash and Earth, Wind & Fire.


These being released early 2005, the series’ mysterious numbering finally reveals to be the year * 100 + a sequential number for that year (#501 = 2005 #1).




Fantastic Plastic Machine “Sound Concierge #501”


Selected and Mixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine
for your cold body and soul


1. Hey Buckaroo / Bunky and Jake
2. Falling (G1) / Chris Coco
3. Mild and Bitter / Sapodilla Punch
4. Les Cerfs-Volants / Benjamin Biolay
5. Special Delivery / Billy Mernit
6. Happiness (Ashley Beedle’s West Coast Beach Bossa Vocal Mix) / Shawn Lee
7. Samba, Viola e Eu / Sebastiao Tapajos
8. La Nuit Des Masques / Pierre et Dominique Barouh
9. Fascination / Kinbara Chieko
10. Allora, Il Treno / Bruno Nicolai
11. Opus Zero / Dante Varela
12. Perfidia / Determinations
13. Breezing / Boris Gardner Happening Band
14. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight / Sharon Forrester
15. What Now My Love (Et Maintenant) / Young-Holt Unlimited
16. El Pajarillo / Coro De Camara De La Enm
17. Black Dada / Fantastic Plastic Machine
18. Forbidden Colours / David Sylvian/Sakamoto Ryuichi
19. A Dream Goes On Forever / Todd Rundgren
20. La Vie En Rose / Sir Ali’s Girls


Cutting Edge CTCR-14401
Out 2005/2/23, 2100 (tax incl.)





Fantastic Plastic Machine “Sound Concierge Annex”
“Contemporary Love Songs”

Selected and Mixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine
Fine Remix Works


1. Playmate ’74 (FPM’s Samba Whistle Mix) / Riviera
2. I Feel Love (Fantastic Plastic Machine Remix) / Montefiori Cocktail
3. Behind The Mask (FPM’s Sweet Soul Bossa Nova) / Yellow Magic Orchestra
4. Le Freak (FPM’s Feel The Rhythm Mix) / Chic
5. Use Me (Fantastic Plastic Machine City Lights’ Remix) / Wuz
6. September (FPM Beautiful Latin Mix) / Earth, Wind & Fire
7. City Lights (FPM Samba Mix) / Fantastic Plastic Machine
8. Belinda May (Edit) / Fantastic Plastic Machine (original track by Ennio Morricone)
9. A River Dry (THE GIRL FROM SOUTH) (FPM REMIX) / Pulse
10. Sex Machine (Fantastic Sex Machine Mix) / James Brown
11. Goodday Goodbye (FPM Mix for Nightfly) / Kirinji
12. yoru★kaze (FPM Disco Tropicana) / Ketsumeishi
13. Life Goes On (FPM Beautiful Lovers Mix) / Dragon Ash
14. kage to hikari (FPM Palme D’Or Mix) / Coralie Clnt


Cutting Edge CTCR-14402
Out 2005/2/23, 2100 (tax incl.)



September (FPM Beautiful Latin Mix) / Earth, Wind & Fire



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