57th Festival de Cannes Awards.

“다큐멘터리 부문 후보들이 연대의 의미로 함께 이 자리에 섰습니다.
논픽션을 좋아하는 우리들이지만지금은 가식의 시대에 살고 있습니다.
우리는 가짜 대통령을 선출한 조작된 선거 결과의 시대에 살고 있습니다.
우리는 엉터리 이유를 만들어내 우리를 전쟁에 보내는 인간과 함께 살고 있습니다.

그 인간은 화생방 공격에 대비해 덕트 테이프를 사 두라고 뻥을 치고
테러경보를 남발하면서 우리를 전쟁에 내 보내고 있습니다.
우리는 이번 전쟁에 반대합니다.
Mr. 부시, 창피한 줄 알아라. Mr. 부시, 창피한 줄을 아시란 말이요.”

……아카데미시상식중 그의소감

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마이클 무어의 Fahrenheit 911이 깐느황금종려상을 수상했다.
Stupid White Man, Bush 딱 한사람과 그의 똘마니들 – 럼스펠드, 체니 – 네오콘을
제외하곤 모두에게 축하받을만하다.

Palme d’Or to “Fahrenheit 9/11” by Michael Moore

The Palme d’Or of this 57th edition of the Festival de Cannes was presented by Charlize Theron to Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore.

“I can’t begin to express my appreciation and my gratitude to the jury, the Festival, to Gilles Jacob, Thierry Frux, Bob and Harvey at Miramax, to all of the crew who worked on the film. […] I have a sneaking suspicion that what you have done here and the response from everyone at the festival, you will assure that the American people will see this film. I can’t thank you enough for that. You’ve put a huge light on this and many people want the truth and many want to put it in the closet, just walk away. There was a great Republican president who once said, if you just give the people the truth, the republicans, the Americans will be saved. […] I dedicate this Palme d’Or to my daughter, to the children of Americans and to Iraq and to all those in the world who suffer from our actions.

Grand Prix to “Old Boy” by Park Chan-Wook

The Grand Prix was presented by Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd to Old Boy by Park Chan-Wook.

“I would like to thank all the members of the Jury and the Cannes Festival,” said the South Korean director. “I met Roman Polanski at a party and we had our photograph taken together. That was already such an honour that I really didn’t expect to win a prize […] The fact that this great director said ‘good luck’ to me was such an honour. I dedicate this prize to the whole crew.”

When asked by a journalist at the post-press conference about the mixed canvas his film conveys : “With the advent of the DVD and other digital supports, the possibility to watch a film more than once exists. And I made this film with the intention that people would watch it again and discover new elements each time.”

Best Actress Award to Maggie Cheung for her role in “Clean”

The Best Actress Award went to Maggie Cheung for her role in Clean directed by Olivier Assayas.

“It’s really an incredible time in my life,” Maggie Cheung said. “I would like to thank the Cannes Festival for having invited us this evening. I want to thank the jury for having given us this prize. Clean wasn’t easy to get made and I also want to thank the three producers […] And thank you too Olivier.”

When asked at the press conference whether this was her best performance: “It was difficult to play but not the most difficult technically speaking. It was difficult because it was painful. […] Other directors might let me play such a role, a junkie, but only Olivier gives me the trust necessary to play it as I feel. ”

Best Actor Award to Yuuya Yagira for his role in “Nobody Knows”

The Best Actor Award went to the 14-year old Yuuya Yagira for his role in Nobody Knows directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda.

With Yagira Yuuya back in Japan, it was director Hirokazu Kore-eda who collected the award on his behalf. At the post-awards press conference, the director gave his impressions. “This prize is deserved, because we worked for a year with the children, and I think that you can see their progress in the film during that year […] I chose Yagira at an audition. What made me choose him was his eyes. […] Yagira is at middle school and he had to return to Japan to take his exams. I just telephoned him to tell him the good news, and he was very happy. He thinks he failed his exam, but he hopes that with this prize, his teacher might be more understanding.”

Best Director Award goes to Tony Gatlif for “Exils”

The Best Director Award goes to Tony Gatlif for Exils.

“Thank you Gilles Jacob; thank you Thierry Frux, merci Senor Presidente – gracias, merci to all the members of the jury” said the director in his acceptance speech. “A film isn’t made alone; there’s a team, who I forced to become nomadic for three months, on the roads of France, Spain, on the sea, in Morocco and Algeria. I owe this film to the crew […] We didn’t have much money. This film was produced at great risk thanks to all these people who worked so hard and who believed in it […] Cinema is made with money, long live auteur cinema.”

Best Screenplay Award goes to “Comme une Image” by AgnJaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri

Best Screenplay Award goes to “Comme une Image” by French duo AgnJaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri.

AgnJaoui, who also directed the film, thanked her crew, her producers, and her singing teacher. “Me too,” Jean-Pierre Bacri added laconically.

“It’s a prize that suits us perfectly,” AgnJaoui declared at the press conference, “because for us the screenplay is what’s most important in a film. […] On the set, nothing was improvised.”

Co-screenwriter Jean-Pierre Bacri also said that personally he was “delighted” with the Palme d’Or awarded to Fahrenheit 9/11.

The Jury Prize to Irma P. Hall and “Tropical Malady”

The Jury Prize goes to actress Irma P. Hall for her role in The Ladykillers by the Coen brothers and to Tropical Malady from the Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. He thanked the jury with all his heart. “It’s a great honour for me to be here because it’s the first Thai film to be shown in [competition at] the Cannes Festival. And we have a prize, which represents a great privilege. I’d like to thank the jury and the Festival for having invited me. I would like to dedicate this prize to my family, my mother and my father who passed away before we finished filming.”

Irma P. Hall was unable to collect her prize for her performance in The Ladykillers. The actress was in hospital in the USA. The award was collected on her behalf by Jean-Frans Camill, President of Gaumont Buena Vista International, who thanked “in the name of Irma P. Hall, the Coen brothers and the producers, Quentin Tarantino and his jury, but also Gilles Jacob, Thierry Frux and Vnique Cayla for having allowed the Coen brothers to continue their love story with the Cannes Festival.”

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