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I want to …

“I want to…” or “I need to” or “How do I?” These are all questions we all ask all the time. This is a small collection of resources that will help to answer those questions. It is not complete, nor will it ever be. I will be adding to this on a regular basis, so feel free to bookmark it and come back and visit.

Email me if you have ideas or suggestions for either side of the column. *Thank you* to those people who have already emailed me suggestions; due to the numbers I can’t say thanks individually, but I have included your suggestions when possible.

If you’re a commercial organisation (AND I think it’s a good product) I’m open to offers of sponsorship, money, goods, pretty much anything actually. (I’m shallow like that, what can I say?) Email me with an offer, and I’ll include your product, if I think it’s good enough. New material last added on 30th October 2005.

If you find this collection useful, you might also want to visit a similar collection ‘Which Search Engine When?‘ that will give you some helpful hints as to which search engines to use in various circumstances.

I want to:

Then use this:

Share Stuff
Share my photographs with other people Fotopic Free, up to 2,500 photographs, good statistics package, easy to use
Flickr Free, commercial version available. Allows tagging and pooling of pictures
Photosite Free. Never used it myself, but heard good things about it.
43 Places Free. Share your stories and pictures of places with other people
Zoto looks like a challenger to Flickr
Send large files to friendsDropload Allows you to transfer up to 100MB each file. Stays on their site for up to 7 days
YouSendIT Files up to 1GB
Share an online calendar Planzo Share an online calendar
Kiko Another offering.
Calendarhub This is still in the ‘request an account’ stage
Upcoming A social events calendar
Share and discuss webpages Conversate Send emails to friends, and then create a discussion group around a web page
Stumbleupon search, browse, review and share great sites. (New)
Collaborate on/share documents via the web Writely Meeting notes, team calendars, signup sheets, proposals, you name it.
Moonedit A multi-platform collaborative text editor, download the software
Subethaedit/ Text editor that allows collaboration on documents
Writeboard Collaborative writing online
Webcollaborator Yet another interesting utility
Quick topic document review Private space for gathering reviews and comments on your document
Gobby Another collaborative note taking utility
Create an online, sharable spreadsheet Numsum Create your spreadsheet, share it with colleagues
Trackslife Spreadsheet and database package (New)
Share research with colleagues CiteULike A free service to help academics to share, store, and organise the academic papers they are reading
H2O Set up a ‘playlist’ of readings and content about a particular subject.
Save and share searches Rollyo Create a set of sites to limit a search to, share it with others
Jeteye Search the net, save your material, annotate it, let others use it.
Manage myself more effectively
Set up ‘to do’ lists, alarms, time management Tasktoy Free, home made, easy to use
Nextaris Create webpages, create pages, share information
Remember the Milk Not my favourite, but a lot of people like it. Can share with others
BlaBla List Another ‘to do’ list
Back Pack It Save to do lists, online reminders, files, notes, share them with others.
TaDaList Share to do lists online. I use this one and like it a lot.
Rainlendar is customizable calendar, alarm service, to do list. Download the software (New)
MyPIMP Online calendar, to do list, group calendar, shareable address book. Still in beta (New)
Voo2do: advanced task and priority management for busy, ambitious individuals (New)
Manage a project onlineSidejobtrack software for the part-time independent contractor. (New)
Set up bookmarks I can use anywhere Del.icio.us is the best known of all these services. Try this one first of all.
Netvouz is a social bookmarking service. Free, 5 minutes to set up and check bookmarks from any pc
Simpy Another option if you don’t like either of the two above.
Blogmarks Recommended to me, but I’ve not tried it myself. (New)
Yummy! Personal bookmarking of .pdf files (New)
Watch particular pages for changesWatchThatPage Free, easy, with various options
Shorten URLs to make them manageable Doiop Allows you to choose the extension for the shortened URL. Simple, free, easy
Tinyurl One of the first services of this type. Simple, free, easy
Digbig Free, simple, easy to use.
Annotate webpagesWikalong Firefox add on to the sidebar
Use a disposable email addressSpambob Free, easy to use, 3 different varieties
Pookmail Very easy
Jetable in French (New)
TipMonkies selection If you don’t like those two, follow that link for a whole bunch more.
Take notes online Webnote It allows you to quickly write something down during a meeting, class, or any other time that you have a web browser available.
Jotlive Live note taking for groups
Catalogue my books onlineLibrary Thing Free for the first 200 books $10 after that for a year, $25 for life
See how much of the world I’ve visitedMy World Click on the countries you visited and create your own map. Very cool.
Set up a personal start page Blinklist “your personal start page and social bookmarking engine” is what it says on the site.
Nextaris Home page, create folders, share data, publish information, capture data – all for free!
Collect and store material that I find from the web. Net Snippets Download it, save what you need, annotate it, share it with friends
Esnips Store anything you like – up to 1GB of storage space free
Find things that I’d enjoy
Discover music/authors that I’d like Pandora 10 hours free, then commercial. It’s reasonably accurate as well!
Music Map Type in an artist, and it’ll show you other similar artists
Literature Map Same as the music map, but for authors instead
Connect via Books See what others are reading – you might enjoy it as well!
Indy is a music discovery program that learns what you like, and plays more of it.(New)
Last.fm discovers music for you. I’ve tried this one and quite like it. (New)
What should I read next Input a book, and reader recommendations will suggest something else (New)
Do clever things with RSS
Generate an RSS from my own weblog RSS Tutorial Nice ‘how to’ guide
myWebFeeds Turn any webpage into a live feed
Tristana Free, download program
Generate RSS from other feedsRssmix Mix any number of feeds into one new one
Create tutorials
Create tutorial programsWink D/l the software, create your own walk thru tutorials. Free and easy to use. Fun too!
Share training, show someone else something on the web Jybe JYBE is a plug-in to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and brings real time collaboration to web based systems and content
Demostudio/ is a capture program for presentations and software demonstrations like Camtasia (New)
Do a bunch of other stuff!
Do currency conversionsXE The universal currency converter. All the main currencies – I use it all the time
What is this file and what can I do with it?http://mark0.net/onlinetrid.aspx Identifies file types and provides a bunch of information on it (New)
Translate text into other languagesBabelfish The first and in my view the best of the translation services
Convert anything into anything elseOnline conversion Weights, measures, lengths, cooking, dates, times, energy… it’s all here!
See what events are on whenWhatsonwhen Global resource.
Create my own tombstoneTombstone Choose your epitaph, save the created image, be morbid.
Create a wiki Peanut Butter Wiki This is free and easy to use.
Schtuff Free hosting, picture sharing, whole bunch of stuff.
How do I glue this to that?This to that Plug in what you want to glue to another thing you want to glue, it tells you what to use.

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